Our Aims and Services

To increase the skills, confidence and capacity of our client group in order to improve the quality of their life and their carers. To work with vulnerable and hard to reach groups of young people to ensure their voices are heard, build their emotional resilience and empower them to participate fully and affect their decision-making processes. To obtain equal access to opportunities, not to suffer through ignorance of their rights, and become self-reliant members of the society. To raise our clients awareness of social exclusion and the disadvantages, helping them to understand their own needs and provide opportunities for them to be a full member of the society.

To provide customised, one to one support for individuals, who might otherwise be unable to reach their potential and to help them develop life skills, self-esteem and confidence so that they can access further education and / or employment.

  • Sport brings a wealth of advantages, personal achievements, personal goals, but most of all its healthy and fun!

  • Cooking skills an important step towards being independant.

  • Friendships we make can last a lifetime.

  • It’s always good to talk, nothing is gained by being silent.

  • IT skills from safe web browsing, emails through to Microsoft Office applications. We all live in the digital age.

  • Everyone loves music, it shapes our moods.

  • An understanding of healthy living and how to prepare those things you love to eat.

Our Services

  • Developing Healthy Eating Skills

    With support and encouragement, we can demonstrate the importance of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle options through developing cookery skills. We aim to provide the essential skills that will enable young people to progress towards independent living through learning how to cook and plan a meal.

  • Learning Together

    We strive to ensure that we get the best outcome for all individuals by building on their experience and developing new skills for their future needs. A provision of IT skills are available to assist and guide safe usage of the Internet along with basic skills and applications in Microsoft Office and other relevant software packages.

  • Sporting & Leisure opportunities

    We offer sporting and leisure opportunities and promote fun whilst exercising within a safe and welcoming environment. We will provide opportunities to participate in disability sporting events in outside communities; this will provide social opportunities to meet and engage with people from other communities.