Community Enabler Service

ESO - Golden Ticket August 2019

ESO has joined a consortium community services to deliver a collaborative style approach to improve outcomes for families with dependent children in Burton-upon-Trent.  This consortium of providers will deliver a Community Enabler Service focusing upon the following 4 themes: –

  1. To reduce families in debt by early engagement with existing support services to help families to manage / reduce their debts
  2. To increase employment by an improved uptake in ‘back to work’ programmes
  3. To improve children’s good level of development (GLD) Early Learning Goals through an improved take up of the Think 2 childcare offer
  4. To improve collaboration between statutory organisations and communities by providing a local community resource that can help shape improvements using resident input / experiences, linking particularly to the Community Safety. 

A focus for the consortium of provider(s) must be upon:

  • empowering families and raising aspirations
  • promoting a family focus
  • support with developing skills
  • encouraging healthy lifestyles and community safety
  • links into training, education and employment
  • community involvement, responsibility and a sense of ownership
  • building relationships with police, fire, social services, schools, health services etc.
  • having a local cultural awareness and knowledge of different faith groups in Burton
  • where possible, to be able to speak in local languages other than English

An example of the ‘GOLDEN’ TICKET’ that you may receive through your letter box

ESO - Golden Ticket August 2019 Community Enabler Service